What are trying to achieve with our global vision-saving program?

It combines modern retina photography and machine learning to diagnose eye diseases and solve chronic health issues.

Where can this be used? 

It can be used as a form of proactive initial screening without invasive procedures such as drawing blood. In rural and remote areas of the country, developing nations where health providers and diagnostic equipment are limited, this is a targeted option to diagnose health issues.

Saving Sight

Imagine living a day, an hour or even five minutes without your vision. Our initiative is  to save the sight of millions of people from infants to seniors in all parts of the world in under served areas without eye specialists. With a blend of technology, we can extend telemedicine platforms to engage those who need it.



Help the world see better

We need your help to better our machine learning models to predict vision issues. The more retina photos we can collect across all ages and demographics the greater the accuracy of our model.

We are currently collection retina photos to help our machine learning platform. Click on the Volunteer button to help. No fees. Only 2 minutes of your time.