Converged Health Data

Global Health Bio

It is crucial that each person has access to his or her health care data from birth. As we go through life, we gather more data points along the way of our health histories which will shape our future interactions with healthcare providers. All of us should have complete ownership and control of these data points. This data tells a story of who we are and how we can shape our lives for a healthier future.

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Retinal Screening For Health


What does this image of the back of the eye tell you about your health? the stretching and expansion of the vessels? How does the lines on the retinas compare to your fingerprints? Much can be said about our eyes and our physiology.

We are blending science and machine learning into a platform that does screening of the eye. We can tell you more than just the health of your eyes. We are able to compare this data in our models to predict chronic diseases such as early diabetes, hypertension.

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