Our Desire to Connect  People and Spirit For Innovation 

We see the world through our common human spirit and joined as a global family.  We are making innovations in areas of health data collection and curation, to information security to protect this data. We employ new models of artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning to analyze and to make sense of this diverse data to help every individual create their unique health biograhy. Through this  information, we inspire new models of precision medicine for patients. Our lasting goal is to help everyone live a long, happy and healthy life.

Who we serve

Our company mission is to empower every individual with ownership of their own personal health data from the moment of birth. This data can be accessed securely anywhere and anytime. We put security, privacy, and usability at the forefront of our interactions with our customers and partners.

Connected Health Bio is one of the most sophisticated health platforms to collect, analyze, detect and predict chronic diseases for precision medicine. We are pioneering health predictors and diagnosis through the study of this longitudinal information.

Visiontheraputix and the gift of sight is a global focus for our company to utilize innovative ways of vision diagnosis and treatment for developing nations, rural areas, and locations that are understaffed.

We believe in giving back to the community through our 1.1.1 program. Join us in our mission to shape global health.


Connected Data Platform

Connected Data

We are building one of the most intelligent connected health platforms across hospitals, urgent care facilities, individual doctors offices, national laboratories and radiology sites for patients to access and share their data seamlessly across the healthcare ecosystem.

Patients will also be able to self-collect health and environmental data from wearables devices and proactively monitor their health in partnership with their doctors.


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning 

Myelinn is building self learning AI and machine learning models to analyze, predict chronic diseases. Our deep learning models will work with the growing adoption of telemedicine. The adoption of this delivery method is critical to remote locations where there are shortages of doctors and health care providers.

We train our learning models to detect anomalies in population health and early prevention.


Unified Global Health

Population Health Without Borders

Our long term goal to to ensure that there is healthcare delivery to every corner of the world. We believe that in the next 5 years, the world of healthcare and modern medicine will be more connected in ways never imagined.

The traditional barriers we face today will be removed through not only technology but through education of patients and the population. Faster networks, smarter analysis will begin a process of unifying patient and population data.