Join Our Team

As we build our teams to realize the mission of empowering every individual with a connected health platform, we are seeking the those with a drive to shape the future.

No matter the topic of studies in school, we believe everyone has gifts and talents that can help this global initiative. We focus on a team oriented environment. We want you to grow as we grow. We seek self starters who can think independently with minimal supervision. Be creative with how you go about solving a problem. welcome you to contact us with your resume.

These are the areas that we are recruiting for currently.


Connected Health

We are building our Data integration and User interface designs. Seeking those with experience in game design, mobile application design, and just jack of all trades who want to apply their talents to creating a cool platform for the future.

  • Front end developers: Application Developers with experience in mobile app development on IOS and Android
  • Web Developers with skills in Javascript
  • Back-end database gurus with knowledge of FHIR, bulding APIs
  • Database gurus in relational databases versus noSQL verus graph type databases
  • Security specialist with understanding of HIPPA and PHI industry standards

Artificial Intelligence

We are building our AI and deep learning teams. Seeking those with wizardry in the following:

  • Scientists, mathematics wizards are welcomed to build and evaluate learning models
  • Like those with experience in Unity, Python, C, Json, XML, Scripting experience
  • Data Scientist with experience in CNN and machine learning
  • Tensorflow and imagenet learning models

Unified Global Health - jack of all trades

Our long term goal to to ensure that there is healthcare delivery to every corner of the world. We need visionaries, thinkers who don't get confined with traditional thinking. People with a can do attitude and willing to push further than ever before to change the status quo.

If you are willing to learn about how the wonderful technologies around us can shape the next generation of healthcare and are interested in seeing how the rest of the world lives. give us a try. We like those who can work well in a team.

Want to Join Us?

If you are interested in any of these areas, please send your resume to We'll give you a call (we are old fashion like that).