Myelinn Data Systems

Imagine your health history easily accessible from the moment of your birth and you can share this with your doctor at every encounter. Our mission at Myelinn Data Systems is to create a better healthcare system with tools to empower a connected healthcare system. We believe there is immense power in securely sharing information between patients and doctors. Better outcomes for patients can be achieved with the power of  intelligent and connected health.

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Our First Step...your baby blues.

One of our very first initiatives in connected health is through our Visiontheraputix platform. Our goal is to gather retina photos (of the eyes) and use machine learning to create models that can diagnose health problems sooner through vision screening. This system can be used in remote and rural areas, developing nations with minimal access to vision and health care. Come help us make a difference and learn how you can contribute to this machine learning model with a set of free retina photos and 2 minutes of your time.